Tactility plays an important role in my work. The curiosity for discovering places, encountering people and cultures comes back in my love for exploring different materials. 

In an ever-changing world I am interested in the in-between and like to move between art and design. I believe that in a world that is growing closer every day, clear distinctions vanish and new opportunities come into existence.

based in Amsterdam


      instagram: @nadjakimschlenker

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2016 - 2020   Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 

                        DesignLab, Amsterdam

2009 - 2012   University of Passau,

                        Media and Communications


2022   9.- 13. March Talente 2022 München (upcoming)

2021   11. - 14. November AAF Hamburg  


2021   Summer Exhibition - Young Female Artists 

            Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam

2021   Artwell, Amsterdam 


2021   Talente 2021, München - online

2020   See you again for the first time,

            next time - Collaging Beirut

            Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam 

2020   Shapeshifters, Amsterdam - online 

2019   Don't Feed the Animals, 

            Species of the Future

            Galerie Schau Fenster, Berlin

2018   Touch and Feel in an unreal World

            Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2017   Organism - Performance, 

            choreography by Alexandra Pirici 

            Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2014   Just Abstract

            Eat Me Art, Bangkok