We’re heading towards a future where the majority of people will live in giant cities. Humans will colonize animal and plant habitats to expand their own. Environmental issues like climate change and the disposal of

non-biodegradable waste will play a big role. As we move through this anthroposcenic era, how will plants and animals adapt? The series depicts a speculative and imaginary view of the future.


In the future:

Corals as creatures living in the sea are extinct. Rising temperatures and toxic waste dumped into the ocean were factors that caused the destruction of their habitat. However, one strain was able to adapt. It made its way out of the water and onto land. Due to the activation of a dormant part of their DNA the evolved species was able to transform toxic material into nutrients.

They found the biggest source of poisonous waste in our cities and perfected filtering both water and air in order to extract their required nutrients.

Unique pieces, 2019

Exhibition: Galerie Schau Fenster, Berlin